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Video for Creative Zen

Postby bpotter » Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:14 pm

Okay i finally got my macbok to recognize my 16 gb zen by connecting the zen, then opening XNJB, for those of you that have any trouble. Now, i need help putting videos on here. I had "Blindness" in avi format, but when i went to play it on my creative, it said it would not play that resolution. How do i shrink the resolution? Or do i need to do something else? I have ffmpeg downloaded for a file converter. Thanks!
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Re: Video for Creative Zen

Postby peterjameson » Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:31 pm

OK, All. Here's how you get video from a DVD onto your Zen:
1. Get 'Handbrake' downloaded off the internet. Its free and is easily found.
2. Insert a DVD in your drive and wait for it to mount on the desktop. If DVD Player starts, quit it.
3. Launch Handbrake and choose 'detected volume'. You might not see 'detected volume' if you are using the latest version of 'Handbreak'.
4. In the 'Title' dropdown, choose the longest file. This is usually the main film.
5. Choose your destination for the converted file. For the desktop its: /users/your account/Desktop/filename
6. Set the file format to AVI. This will automatically set the file extension to .avi
7. Set the codecs to MPEG4 Video / MP3 Audio.
8. Set Framerate (fps) to 'same as source'.
9. Set Encoder to XviD
10. Set average bitrate (kbps) to 500
11. Go to picture settings and get the picture to as near as you can to 320 (width) x 240 (height). This will mean cropping the picture. Click 'Keep Aspect Ratio' then set the height to 240. Click 'Custom' and then use the controls for cropping left then right equally a little at a time until the width reaches 320 (or very nearly).
12. Close picture settings and click 'Start'. It'll take about 45 minutes for a 90 minute DVD.
13. When its finished converting, locate the file on your computer, and upload it to the video folder on your Zen using XNJB.

You will find that there is no fast forward or search on the video as XNJB does not appear to tell the Zen the length of the file. You can shut down the Zen and restart the video from where you left off though.

Please note that you must only use DVDs that are not subject to copyright.

Have fun with XNJB, its brilliant!

Peter Jameson :P
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