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Goodyear or Woodchild,

Birth Name Goodyear or Woodchild,
Gender female


Death 1859




Married Husband Stark, Alexander Roger
  Children Stark, Alexander Roger
Stark, Francis George
Stark, Cecilia
Stark, Janie


Name suggestion from Grandma Fox. Auntie Pat suggested Goodchild or Good...

IGI was a marriage between Alexander Stark and Helen Goodfellow at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh on 29th April, 1844. The wife's father was John Goodfellow.

And there is the birth of STARK George John Goodfellow Lewisham 1d 707 in FreeBMD

and his death George John Goodfellow Stark Oct-Dec 1863 Lewisham KEN in

Auntie Pat says she died around 1859. Alexander Roger remarried a barmaid called Sue. The had a daughter who inherited the estate. Confirmed by 1871 and 1881 census.

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