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Family History of Andrew John Low - Update status

30 December 2007
First export from Gramps to html. Removed old gen2html pages.

December 2007
Transferred all data into Gramps. Added a considerable amount of information about John Jackson (b 1822) thanks to the very thorough research of Margaret Hepburn. General tidy up

29 December 2004
Added more detail on all lines. Used Ged2Web on test6.ged

21 December 2002
Added still more on the Fox side and Eleanor’s family. Used Ged2Web on test5.ged

17 June 2002
Added more on the Fox side, taken from LDS and the 1881 census, following a very useful hint from Uncle Alex. Used Ged2Web on test4.ged.

17 May 2002
Tidied up notes and removed unused RINs. Used Ged2Web on test3.ged. Notes included but no photos.

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