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Kirk, Fred

Birth Name Kirk, Fred
Gender male


Birth 1868  at  Lambley, Nottingham
Death 21 August 1936  at  Nottingham




Father Kirk, Arthur   (Birth)
Mother Adams, Mary Ann   (Birth)


Married Wife Maxfield, Mary
  Marriage 25 December 1893  at  Radford, Nottingham
  Narrative Found marriage certificate at Walsingham Road

Witnesses: Thomas Kirk and Jane Elizabeth Kirk

  Children Kirk, Jeannie


The only Fred in Lambley in the 1881 census was age 12. So age 24 at marriage.

Had brother Arthur, but no sister Elizabeth or Rebecca.

birth year 1868 from marriage certificate. Address then 37 Ashford Street. Hosier.

Witness to marriage was Thomas Kirk & Jane Elizabeth Kirk.

Age 32 in 1901 census (= born 1869). Hosiery worker. born in Lambley.

Death certificate at Walsingham Road. Address at death 41 Teesdale Road. 67 years old.

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