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Pickering, George

Birth Name Pickering, George
Gender male


Birth about 1894  at  Staintondale
Death 15 January 1963  at  Nottingham




Father Pickering, John   (Birth)
Mother Swingler, Sarah Jane   (Birth)
Siblings Pickering, Francis John


Married Wife Kirk, Jeannie
  Marriage 8 August 1918  at  Nottingham
  Narrative Certificate found at Walsingham Road

Witnesses E B Stoppard, John Beardsley Sowter

  Children Pickering, Kenneth


According to Eleanor...

His parents were older. E's father did not know them

His brother Francis died maybe before George was born

Margaret P said he definitely was born in Ravenscar (his mother worked at the hotel between Ravenscar and Robin Hood's Bay). He was 69 when he died in 1963, so born in 1894.

Death certificate found at Walsingham Road. Age given as 69 years. Railway Clark(retired). 41 Teesdale Road, Sherwood.

1901 census has him age 7 (= born 1894) Staintondale. Unfortunately his father was not there!

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