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Pitkeathly, James

Birth Name Pitkeathly, James
Gender male


Married Wife Brown, Jean
  Marriage 5 January 1780  at  Perth, Scotland
  Children Pitkeathly, Alexander
Pitkeathly, Colin
Pitkeathly, William
Pitkeathly, Helen
Pitkeathly, Elizabeth


There is a marriage record for James Pitkeathly and Jean Brown who married In Perth on 5/1/1780: “James Pitkeathly, servant to James Johnston farmer at Nether Friarton in this parish and Jean Brown, daughter of the deceased Alexander Brown, day labourer at Aberdalgie in the parish of Abernethy. Parties both in this parish – Deacon David Maclaren. The above persons were regularly proclaimed and married the 5th day of January 1780 by Mr Alexander Pringle, Minister of the Associate Congregation in Perth.”