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Stark, Andrew Rodger

Birth Name Stark, Andrew Rodger
Gender male


Birth 5 March 1830  at  Abbotshall, Fife, Scotland
Death June 1883  at  Edmonton, London




Father Stark, William   (Birth)
Mother Rodger, Elizabeth   (Birth)
Siblings Stark, William Johnston
Stark, Alexander Roger
Stark, Francis Johnstone
Stark, James Johnstone
Stark, Samuel William Hardy


Married Wife Dukes, Phoebe Angelina
  Marriage 23 October 1852  at  Wolverhampton
  Narrative Date & Place from FreeBMD. No wonder I could not find it before!

Jukes Phoebe Angelina 6b 654

Stack Andrew Wolverhampton 6b 654

The certificate is quite interesting. Andrew Stack, Retort Maker of Walsall Road, Wolverhampton (Parish of St George's). Father William Stack, Weaver

Phobe Angelina Jukes, servant, also of Walsall Road. Father George Jukes, Gardener. She obviously could not write, as it is signed The mark X of Phoebe angelina Jukes

  Children Stark, Andrew
Stark, Angelina
Stark, Elizabeth
Stark, Helen Sarah
Stark, Cecilia Jane
Stark, Susan Lawrence
Stark, Florence Gertrude
Stark, Mary Janet
Stark, Edith Rosa


born around 1820 according to Grandma Fox

Annie was first child, then Elizabeth. 2 further males and 4 further females

Could this be right? Susan, Mary, Edith roughly fit. Phoebe?

Grandma said that Alexander Stark was a gas man - 1881 census says that Andrew was a gas fitter.

Dwelling:37 Hotham St

Census Place:West Ham, Essex, England

Source:FHL Film 1341411 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1718 Folio 73 Page 31


Andrew STARKM50 MScotland


Occ:Gas Fitter

Phoebe STARKM48 F (N K), England


Susan BRIGHTM20 FEnfield, Middlesex, England



Phoebe STARKU18 FEnfield, Middlesex, England



Mary STARKU14 FEnfield, Middlesex, England


Edith STARKU10 FEnfield, Middlesex, England


Assuming this is right...

There are only 2 Andrew Starks born in Scotland in 1831+/- 10 years who have a brother Alexander. Both in Fife.

1. Parents William Stark & Elizabeth Rodger. Alexander born 1822 and Andrew born 1830.

2. Parents WIlliam Stark and Margaret Sim. Alexander and Andrew both christened on same day - 3/6/1836.

Grandma Fox said that Alexander was born around 1817 and Andrew around 1820 in Fife or Perth.

The Williams are common but the Rogers and the date strongly suggest the first.

From Scotland's People - no Image:

No. Date Surname Forename Parent Names/Frame No Sex Parish GROS Data Image Extract 1 5 Mar 1830 STARKANDREW RODGER WILLIAM STARK/ELIZABETH RODGER M ABBOTSHALL 399/00 0004 No Image

Deaths FreeBMD Jun 1883

His profession was put as Manager at a gas works in 1862 on the birth certificate of Susan Lawrence.

Stark Andrew Roger 53 Edmonton 3a 157

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