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Dukes, Phoebe Angelina

Birth Name Dukes, Phoebe Angelina
Married Name Stark, Phoebe Angelina
Nickname Annie
Gender female


Birth 1833
Death March 1894  at  West Ham




Father Dukes, George   (Birth)


Married Husband Stark, Andrew Rodger
  Marriage 23 October 1852  at  Wolverhampton
  Narrative Date & Place from FreeBMD. No wonder I could not find it before!

Jukes Phoebe Angelina 6b 654

Stack Andrew Wolverhampton 6b 654

The certificate is quite interesting. Andrew Stack, Retort Maker of Walsall Road, Wolverhampton (Parish of St George's). Father William Stack, Weaver

Phobe Angelina Jukes, servant, also of Walsall Road. Father George Jukes, Gardener. She obviously could not write, as it is signed The mark X of Phoebe angelina Jukes

  Children Stark, Andrew
Stark, Angelina
Stark, Elizabeth
Stark, Helen Sarah
Stark, Cecilia Jane
Stark, Susan Lawrence
Stark, Florence Gertrude
Stark, Mary Janet
Stark, Edith Rosa


Maybe the Phoebe Angelina referred to in christening note of Edith Rosa 1870 Enfield.

Shortened to Annie. First daughter also called Angelina in 1881 census (if correct) for Annie married to George Hawes with Ellen & George

If correct born in England, but not known where in 1881 census.

My Mum said there was a Phoebe in the family who was not quite all there. Maybe that is why her birthplace in not known.

FreeBMD has death march 1894 at age 60 in West Ham. Vol 4a p146

Surname from the birth certificate of her daughter Susan Lawrence

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