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Fox, James

Birth Name Fox, James
Gender male


Birth 26 June 1824  at  Sprouston, Roxburgh, Scotland
Christening 22 August 1824  at  Sprouston, Roxburgh, Scotland




Father Fox, James   (Birth)
Mother Stewart, Alison   (Birth)
Siblings Fox, Mary
Fox, Maney
Fox, Mary
Fox, Adam
Fox, Agnes
Fox, Robert
Fox, Henry


Married Wife Hall, Margaret
  Marriage 19 October 1861  at  Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland
  Narrative St Nicholas Church
  Children Fox, Robert Hall
Fox, James William
Fox, Jessie Stobbs
Fox, Elizabeth Stobbs
Fox, Adam
Fox, Alice


Profession of James Fox given as agricultural labourer on birth certificate of Robert Hall Fox and Game-keeper on marraige certificate of Robert Hall Fox & Annie Maria Baggott

from Newcastle - according to Grandma Fox

DOB does not quite match between LDS and 1881 census (3 years wrong)

Place of birth matches exactly

However this is the only James Fox in Sprouston from 1815 - 1855 in LDS.

Notes from Uncle Alex (June 2002):

Margaret Young is the last contact with the North and suggest you contact her. She has some useful memories.

Granddad Fox (my Dad) was a bright cookie. I am sure you know his achievements. His father died on or around 1914 ish having been involved in an accident with a lorry. Granny Fox was reared three children. Maggie, Beatrice (Margaret Young's mother) and James. Beatrice had diphtheria which caused some mental damage which was quite a burden for the family.

Granny Fox came from Northants to marry Robert Fox. I think Robert moved from Moorbattle.Yetholme in the late 19th century when there was a mass exodus from the rural areas. No work. Many went to Edinburgh.

My Dad had a Uncle who was a blacksmith in Yetholme. A. Pat has visited the house and I understand that his forge is now a feature in the lounge of his old house on the main street.

There were several bright relatives. I believe a sister of Robert was Headmistress of a school either in Morpeth or South Shields.

Granddad Fox did some research in to his family history but I have not been able to find any notes.

I have a rather sketchy recollection of him tracing the family back to the second Rebellion. He thought we were descended from French soldiers who cam over to support the Scots and afterwards settled in the Borders.

1881 census:

Dwelling:East Side Town Yetholm

Census Place:Yetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland

Source:FHL Film 0224044 GRO Ref Volume 811 EnumDist 2 Page 2


James FOXM54 MSprouston, Roxburgh, Scotland



Margaret FOXM49 FYetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland


Robert R. FOXU19 MYetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland


Occ:Grocer Unemployed

Jessie S. FOX 15 FYetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland



Elizabeth S. FOX 12 FYetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland



Adam FOX 12 MYetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland



Alice FOX 9 FYetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland

No. Date Surname Forename Parent Names/Frame No Sex Parish GROS Data Image Extract 1 22 Aug 1824 FOXJAMES JAMES FOX/ALISON STEWART FR277 M SPROUSTON 807/00 0002 No Image

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