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Fox, Robert Hall

Birth Name Fox, Robert Hall
Gender male


Birth 14 November 1861  at  Yetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland
Death after 1925




Father Fox, James   (Birth)
Mother Hall, Margaret   (Birth)
Siblings Fox, James William
Fox, Jessie Stobbs
Fox, Elizabeth Stobbs
Fox, Adam
Fox, Alice


Married Wife Baggott, Annie Maria
  Marriage 24 September 1890  at  St Ann's Church, Nottingham
  Narrative Marriage from Free BMD

Volume 7b p361

  Children Fox, Ann Beatrice
Fox, Margaret
Fox, James


crushed by a lorry when Margaret was a little girl - around 1914 according to Uncle Alex

lived in Newcastle in a tiny house (according to Victoria)

Must have died after 1925 (because Margaret met him, and she was born in 1925)

DOB from LDS confirmed by certificate.

Middle name on birth certificate

His marriage certificate give his age as 28 in 1890, so born in 1862. Profession: Draper. 11 Wright St, Parish of St Anne's, Nottingham

Source References

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Confidence: Normal