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Firstly extract the tar.gz

On Unix:
Open convert.php in your favorite editor and modify the first line to point to your php binary. Check you have execute permissions on the script.

On Windows:
Open convert.php in your favorite editor (e.g. Notepad NOT MS Word) and delete the first line

Open vcard.php in your favorite editor and modify the filename in '$filename = "/Users/richard/phone/phonebook/cards.vcf";' to point to your vcf database (see below VCF).
To convert a single file foo.smo, simply run

/path/to/convert.php foo.smo [Unix]
somedrive:\path\to\php.exe convert.php foo.smo [Windows]

and the converted file will appear in the current directory.

To convert >1 files, add more files to the command or, to convert all files in the directory, use a * (or any other pattern for other combinations of files).
VCF Database
The script can lookup phone numbers in a vcf database to match numbers to names. vcf.php must be modified (as above) to point to the location of your vcf database. This database can be made by exporting phone numbers from your address book (e.g. Address Book on Mac OS X). Alternatively, you can make it from the phone book on your phone. To do this on my Siemens S55, I sent all my phone book entries to my computer over bluetooth. I found that, for each contact, a vcf file and a file 'Unknown File#n' appeared for each contact, with the vcf file empty and the Unknown File containing the vcf information. To group all together, I ran

cat Unknown* | cards.vcf

to make my database.
File output
The file output looks something like this:

From: Dad Mob
Number: 447111111111
Date: 20031022135632
Hello, this message is a sample

The filename is of the form NAME-DATE. NAME is the name looked up from the vcf database or the number if not found. DATE is the date in the message (omitted if no date stored as for all smo (sent) messages). If the filename already exists, random characters are added to the end (from PHP's tempnam function). Texts with >1 message are concatenated into one file. The date is of the format yyyymmddhhmmss.
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