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SMS Archiver
SMS Archiver is a php script to convert from the smi/smo format used on Siemens phones to archive SMS messages. It works for my S55 and may well work on others but I have not tested it. If you get it to work on yours then please let me know.

The format used is similar to the SMS specification in that the text is encoded in the PDU format and the phone numbers and date conform. However, there are a few bytes which I don't know what they mean and the smo files (sent messages) do not contain a date. I've guessed how to deal with multiple messages in one message (i.e. messages > 160 characters) - please let me know if you run into any trouble.

I use this script to periodically archive all my text messages. All messages have to be saved individually into the SMS archive on the phone (which doesn't take too long except you need a unique filename). Then I copy them over to my Mac using bluetooth (the 'Send All via BT' option on the phone) and then batch convert them all.

Please try it out for yourself and let me know if you find it useful.
  • Convert smi/smo files to human readable format
  • Optional phone number->name lookup from vcf file
  • 2004-06-23 Version 0.1
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