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Changes since 1.5.9
  • Update to latest libmtp
  • Remove PPC build
  • WMA fix from minoki
  • Italian fixes from NorthDakota91
Changes since 1.5.8
  • Fix build so works on OS X 10.4 and doesn't break search
Changes since 1.5.7
  • Include libmtp fixes to allow XNJB to work with PwnTunes
Changes since 1.5.6
  • Fix an endian problem that caused connect to fail on some PPC machines
Changes since 1.5.5
  • Add Danish translation, with many thanks to Claus Madsen
  • Migrate to taglib to stop crashes when reading bad tags
Changes since 1.5.4
  • Fix bug that caused XNJB to crash when loading playlists
  • Update to latest libmtp to fix crashes when loading track lists
Changes since 1.5.3
  • Fix bug in iTunes integration that caused an incomplete listing to appear
  • Finnish translation fixes, with many thanks to Mika-Petteri Lundgren
Changes since 1.5.2
  • Make file browser columns resizable
  • Fix bug in iTunes integration that would stop some files from uploading
Changes since 1.5.1
  • Can now read iTunes album art
  • Many bug fixes to improve player support and stability
Changes since 1.5.0
  • Bug fixes, including better support for Creative Zen.
  • Better localization method
  • Can now set dimenions of album art
Changes since 1.4.14
  • Added basic album art support
  • You can now upload AAC files to Creative players that support them
  • Minor fixes
Changes since 1.4.13
  • Reverted to libusb-0.1 to hopefully avoid some instability
  • Fixed crash when displaying tooltips on Leopard
  • Added Finnish and Dutch translations, with many thanks to Mika-Petteri Lundgren and Luutzen Wymenga
  • Hopefully fixed build so it works on 10.3.9
Changes since 1.4.12
  • Fixed two crashes
  • Added option to cancel current transfers (does not work on all devices)
Changes since 1.4.11
  • Option to disable creation of album files
  • Various bug fixes, including fixes for broken Creative Zen
Changes since 1.4.10
  • only read in device descriptors when we don't know the device
  • fix memory alloc bug
Changes since 1.4.9
  • Correct non-debug build
  • Fixed crash on some players when uploading tracks
Changes since 1.4.8
  • Fixed Gigabeat S support
  • Fixed bug stopping upload of more than 3 files on some players
  • Filesizes now display correctly
Changes since 1.4.7
  • Bug fixes
  • Portuguese translation fixes (with many thanks to Alexandre Franca)
  • Extended error information in the Queue tab
Changes since 1.4.6
  • Speed improvements and better compatibility with Philips players
Changes since 1.4.5
  • Bulgarian translation with thanks to Rafi Hovsepyan
  • libmtp updates to fix iRiver player support
  • UI enhancements
  • creation of .alb files for new albums on MTP devices
Changes since 1.4.4
  • fixed error when downloading some tracklists
  • music can be uploaded using the datatab (but not recommended yet)
Changes since 1.4.3
  • many MTP fixes to fix support for some devices
Changes since 1.4.2
  • reversed changes that broke support for version 1.x players
Changes since 1.4.1
  • bug fixes
Changes since 1.4.0
  • fixed bugs causing I/O errors when uploading files on some devices
  • some UI enhancements
Changes since 1.3.5
  • use MTP enhanced features to speed up track list retrieval and (hopefully) add greater device support
  • progress bar when downloading track and file listing
  • lots of bug fixes
Changes since 1.3.4
  • fixed bug causing XNJB to crash when uploading an empty genre tag
Changes since 1.3.3
  • fixed iTunes integration for non-English systems
  • UI bug fixes
  • warns you when uploading an unsupported type
Changes since 1.3.2
  • fixed support for OS X 10.3.9 broken in 1.3.2
  • directory support for data files
  • blank title, artist or album tags are filled in when uploading
Changes since 1.3.1
  • fixed libmtp to work on Intel...
Changes since 1.3.0
  • fixed libusb to work on Intel
Changes since 1.2.1
  • bug fixes
  • updated MTP code to use libmtp
Changes since 1.2.0
  • fixed photo and video support to work on all firmware versions (I hope)
  • localization fixes by Ronald Leroux
Changes since 1.1.4
  • basic photo and video upload for devices that support it (use the Data tab)
  • basic iTunes library integration (enabled via the Preferences dialog)
  • Italian and German translations added, with many thanks to Francesco Restaino and Enno Park
  • nicer install process
  • very minor bug fixes
Changes since 1.1.3
  • Spanish translation added, with many thanks to Asterio Rodriguez
  • now sends unicode strings with correct byte ordering on Intel systems
  • works with Dell DJ on MTP
Changes since 1.1.2
  • Portuguese translation added, with many thanks to Chang Jackson
  • fixed a bug when reading invalid genres in id3v1 tags
Changes since 1.1.1
  • id3 tagging bug fixes
  • added progress bar when downloading tracks
  • (untested) Intel support for MTP code
  • minor MTP fixes
Changes since 1.1.0
  • many bug fixes on MTP code - upgraded to beta level. Please keep the feedback coming in.
  • tag reading bug fixes with thanks to Jeff Squyres for bug reports
Changes since 1.0.3
  • added EXPERIMENTAL MTP device support. Please give as much feedback as you can!
Changes since 1.0.2
  • using ID3Tag.framework instead of id3lib to hopefully stop crash in Tiger when writing tag to MP3 file after download from jukebox
  • Swedish translation added, with many thanks to Mattias Thurfjell
Changes since 1.0.1
  • put all strings into localizable.strings to allow for translations of XNJB
  • French translation added, with many thanks to Ronald Leroux
Changes since 1.0.0
  • add option to disable speed enhancements (introduced in 0.30) as these cause trouble on some (very few) devices (was previously known issue 2)
  • considerably improved load time if very full directories were previously selected
  • minor UI fixes
Changes since 0.34
  • made Universal binary and byte ordering fixes so XNJB now works on Intel
  • update libnjb to 2.2.3 to add fixes and Zen Sleek support
  • bug fixes
  • fixed crash when download files recorded on the device as MP3
  • improved speed of duplicate finding algorithm
Changes since 0.33
  • data folder support added for protocol 3 devices
Changes since 0.32
  • bug fixes
  • add Info tab for battery, disk and version information
  • use Cocoa bindings to cut unnecessary code and allow proper sorting of columns
  • compile libusb and id3lib sensibly to dramatically cut binary size
  • as of 0.33 binaries will not work on Mac OS X versions prior to 10.3.9 although the source should compile on 10.3.0 or later. If you have problems compiling, let me know and I can send a binary.
Changes since 0.31
  • upgrade libnjb to latest CVS to fix Cyrillic unicode bug
  • disable menu items when not applicable
Changes since 0.3
  • many bug fixes/stability enhancements including (with thanks to Eric Tanter and Timothy Grant for their numerous bug reports):
    • crash when changing tag on jukebox introduced in 0.3
    • crash when downloading track with no genre
    • occasional crash when starting XNJB
    • hang when downloading tracks/files of certain filesizes introduced in 0.3
  • minor UI enhancements:
    • total & selected item count
    • tables maintain their sorting when track/file list changes
    • selection remains when tables change
Changes since 0.24
  • considerably improved transfer speed
  • added duplicates tab to search for potential duplicate tracks on the jukebox
  • moved ID3 tag reading to different thread so interface doesn't hang when uploading lots of tracks
  • added error and speed reporting to Queue tab
  • updated libnjb to version 2.0
  • updated libusb to version 0.1.10a
  • closing the main window now closes the whole app
Changes since 0.23
  • added connect/disconnect button on main window
  • replaced code to work out length of MP3s to be more reliable
  • fixed broken WMA support
Changes since 0.22
  • fixed a bug causing XNJB to crash after downloading a track off the jukebox
  • added drag and drop support to upload tracks/files to the jukebox from the Finder
Changes since 0.21
  • updated libnjb to cvs 2004-12-09 to add Micro and Second Generation Dell DJ support
Changes since 0.2
  • fixed broken Zen support
Changes since 0.12
  • workaround for a crash when uploading a file of size >= 256 MB
  • fixed a bug that stopped the track/file list from being updated in some circumstances
  • fixed a bug introduced in 0.11 that stopped genres being read from ID3 tags correctly
  • updated libnjb to 1.2
Changes since 0.11
  • fixed a crash when date/owner string was null
  • fixed a crash when changing tab after a playlist was deleted
  • found a workaround that will hopefully fix the issue with USB2 Zens downloading incomplete track lists
Changes since 0.1
  • updated libnjb to current cvs to remove the losing last three characters off a data filename issue
  • added delete button to Music and Data tabs
  • added wma tag reading support using code from Linus Walleij's gnomad
  • fixed a bug causing XNJB to crash if no codec was sent from a device
  • changed local file access to support unicode characters in filenames
  • added unicode id3 tag reading & writing support
  • fixed a bug that stopped track numbers of 0 being written to id3 tags when a track number was already present
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