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Family History of Andrew John Low

Welcome to my family history! This site is definitely work in progress. The objective is simply to make the latest version available to anyone who may be interested – particularly anyone who can add anything or point out the mistakes! I am really grateful for any comments. I am also very grateful for all the help and support already given!

The input data has come from 5 sources: Of course there is still a lot to do. I am particularly keen to discover the identity of my great-great-grandfather Low. My great-grandfather Low was called James Low Duncan on his birth certificate.  His mother was young, unmarried and a domestic servant – but he seems to have had a very good education, so the father was probably able to pay. He was born on 12th May 1862 in Dundee. In the 1861 census she was 18 years old and living in Arbikie Collar House, Lunan and next door there was a James Low, age 21. There is a good chance that he is the father. He was a "ploughman" and was born in Craig, Forfarshire. More work needed to confirm this and find out who he was.

There is a strong rumour of a link between the Duncans from Letham, Angus and those from Collessie, Fife. Maybe Andrew Duncan and Andrew Duncan were cousins?

The Fox side of my family is filling up now. I am now trying to find the link rumoured to exist between George Monday Hawes and the English musicians William Mundy (1529 – 1591) and John Mundy (1550 – 1630). I am also trying to find where Phoebe Angelina Dukes (married Stark) came from.

On Eleanor’s side, I am trying to find the link rumoured to exist between Herbert Gaunt and John of Gaunt (!?). I also have not made much progress on the ancestors of Francis Pickering.

Please contact me if you have anything to add or if you would like more information.
Andrew John Low

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